Mission Statement

We, Bethlehem Evangelical Lutheran Church, a family of believers in Jesus Christ, united in faith and worship by the Word of God, exist to make disciples of all people, using the Gospel to win the lost and to nurture believers for lives of service to Christ all to the glory of God.

What We Believe

We are a Christ-preaching church, which proclaims Jesus Christ, the crucified and risen Lord, the only Savior for all the people of the world. Through his suffering, death, and resurrection, we have the forgiveness of sins and everlasting life.

We are a Bible-believing church that teaches that the Bible is the true and inspired Word of God, the only authority for Christian faith and life. The WELS aims to teach God’s Word in all its truth and simplicity.

We are an Evangelical church. This means that Bethlehem Lutheran, like the rest of the WELS, is a church that wants to bring the news of Jesus to all people. The WELS has congregations throughout the United States and Canada, and carries out mission work all over the world.

We are a people-caring church. The WELS offers friendship, support, counsel, direction, and love. Why? Because the people of our church care about all people. And that includes you!